Pushing it out of the Nest

Here is a photo of my Branching Out scarf unblocked. Wish me luck, as I am now going to take her upstairs and block her. I hope this works!

I've worked on my blog now for several months. It has been a learning experience -- trying to understand tags, incorporate pictures and buttons. I've really enjoyed it. Today I shoved the baby Sandpiper out of the nest. I applied to be a part of three knitting blog rings. We'll see if I get approval to join any of them.

I've also designed a new button; just for fun -- because I really like playing with the button designing web page. If you are looking for a site to use to design simple buttons, check out
GRSites Button Maker.


i bet you've never gotten a comment right well i'm nosy so tough but i have 3 blogs don't visit vinge dragon please don't!


Hi Kim,

Wow, love your scarf! I'm working on one too, but it's in the back of the pile! Still trying to get a shawl finished.

Start a blog to teach new bloggers how to post tags, links, etc. I don't know it if it's me or the instructions, but I cannot figure it out! I have a very boring blog because of it.

Love the branching out and can't wait to see it blocked.