Thoughts and Prayers

I didn't want today to go by without a mention of the London bombings. My thoughts and prayers are extended to all in London. I remember on 9/11 how heartwarming it was to hear support from people in other countries, so I take this opportunity to extend the same to you. I offer this Irish blessing (source: internet; author: anonymous):

The light of God surround you.
The love of God enfold you.
The power of God protect you.
The presence of God watch over you.
Knitting news -- The blog was very quickly reviewed and accepted to the Southern Knit Bloggers ring. Welcome to any who wander this way from the ring.
I am trying to decide on a new knitting project. After the Yarn Harlot talked about this shawl -- the Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls, I got interested. I already own the book. It calls for a DK weight yarn, and I'm thinking about Merino style from Knitpicks in the Storm color. I'm part of the Summer of Lace yahoo group, and saw the finished SeaScape shawl pictured here. Hmm, another possibility, maybe with Alpaca cloud from Knitpicks in midnight? And then Creatures of the Reef from Fiddlesticks came to mind again. I like the yarn used in the pattern, which is Zephyr wool-silk, maybe in Indigo. See a blue pattern emerging? Time to order yarn!