Cabled Shrug

I was browsing through Fall 05 Interweave Knit and found this cabled shrug. I normally don't like shrugs. They are too small for my body type -- just too form fitting. But this one looks comfy -- the perfect thing to wear on a winter night in front of the computer or curled up in front of a fire (if one must have a more romantic image). It looks like it might be easier to keep positioned than a shawl. The back image is not online, but it is beautifully cabled. I think that this in on my To Do list. I'll have to find a yarn substitute, however. It calls for Trendsetter Kashmir, which is 65% cashmere and 35% silk. Luxurious, I'm sure, but more than my budget can handle. At $23 per ball x 12 balls for project = way too much money. It is listed as heavy worsted, so I'm sure I can find something else to use.

I've placed an order with KnitPicks, and am now waiting with baited breath.


I also loved this pattern the moment I saw it! I am knitting it now out of Bernat's Brilliant, it is black with a hint of a metallic shimmer also in the black tones. I don't think the sleeves will be as bulky as those shown in the picture, I am on my 3rd ball of yarn and just can't wait to finish. Pattern is a bit tedious at first but by the second full pattern it becomes a cinch. Good luck with yours!